Several Cable Modem Models Affected by SNMP God Mode Flaw

A severe security flaw in the implementation of the SNMP protocol allows an attacker to take over at least 58 cable modem models, according to a team of researchers. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE 2017-5135 but nicknamed StringBleed, affects the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), a popular protocol invented in the 80s and used for […]

DIY Tesla Powerwall

Tesla is a company that is known for open sourcing their patents.  It is because of this that people around the world have begun to adopt the advanced technology and replicate it. Youtube user, JehuGarcia put together a video on how to construct your own Powerwall, the home battery that Tesla developed to run your place […]

DLL Hijacking Attacks

This article is all about different DLL hijacking attacks techniques used by malware to achieve persistence. We will be discussing DLL search order hijacking, DLL Side loading, and Phantom DLL Hijacking techniques. Also, we will see how can we detect it and prevent the DLL hijacking attack. What is DLL hijacking? DLL provide common code […]

How to break a chatbot

    On Reddit, Llaver showed how to reveal the inner workings of a Skype messaging bot. He/She explained that it was a mistake: “I was going to send some quick and dirty code to a friend but I mistakenly sent it to a Skype messaging bot. Hillarity ensues.”       via

Hash Functions

A while ago I needed fast hash function for ~32 byte keys. We already had MurmurHash used in a bunch of places, so I started with that. But then I tried xxHash and that was a bit faster! So I dropped xxHash into the codebase, landed the thing to mainline and promptly left for vacation, […]

Binary SMS

Despite being older than many of its users, Short Messaging Service (SMS) remains a very popular communications medium and is increasingly found on remote sensors, critical infrastructure and vehicles due to an abundance of cellular coverage. To phone users, SMS means a basic 160 character text message. To carriers and developers it offers a much […]


When the Raspberry Pi computer was first launched in 2012 to promote the teaching of computer science, its creators probably didn’t imagine the $35 device would one day take on a professional fighter pilot in a dogfight—and win. But that is exactly what a doctoral graduate at the University of Cincinnati set out to do […]

MIT Is Building 3D Solar Towers, and So Far They Have Achieved Phenomenal Results

IMPROVING EFFICIENCY Most solar panels are placed flat on rooftops because they are designed to harness solar energy when the sun is directly overhead. However, when the angle of the sun’s rays hitting the panel changes, traditional panels quickly become less efficient. To get around this inefficiency, scientists have been experimenting with a variety of new solar […]

Introduction to ARM processor

ARM is a family of instruction set architectures used in making computer processors developed by ARM Holdings. It is based on the reduced instruction set computing architecture which is commonly called as RISC. In 2010, ARM Holdings, plc reported shipments of approximately 6100 million ARM-based processors to manufacturers of chips based on ARM architectures, representing […]

This Battery-Free Computer Sucks Power Out Of Thin Air

Today, the biggest hurdle when it comes to designing new gadgets is battery technology. These big, bulky things restrict the forms our smartphones, computers, and wearables can take, and unfortunately, battery technology is sostagnant that there’s no promise of things getting better any time soon. But what if you could leave the battery out of […]